building confidence, connection, and community 


Creating community is close to my heart, and now with the COVID 19 experience we all have a true, very real sense of the impact that social isolation can have over time.

I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of groups in-person and over Zoom, in groups of up to 20 persons plus instructors.


If you have a community or group that you believe would benefit from an art program 

I have a great deal of experience working in collaboration with amazing colleagues to create and deliver art programs specific to your needs that provide connection, encourage self esteem, confidence, and build a beautiful sense of bonding and community over time.

Examples of this are programs for seniors groups, differently-abled groups, community centres, new comers groups, and ESL groups.

Each community is different and there are elements and sensitivities to consider. 

Please feel free to email and set up a conversation around your particular groups details

to learn more email

If required - art materials bags can be created and customized to your groups.