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Tuesday Therapeutic Arts Group

An international online community supporting mental & emotional wellbeing through expressive arts


 Thursday   •  7pm - 8pm EST

Join us in this online space where you can explore your own self awareness using the arts (visual art, journaling, storytelling, poems, movement, play, sound).  You can connect and create with others from around the world, receiving and offering support with ease, and non-judgement.

pay what you can

This group offering is FREE or PAY WHAT YOU CAN

pricing options are in Canadian dollars (CAD)


PER MONTH (8 Sessions)

You do not need to have any previous art experience - just the desire to create and connect. We will use movement, breath, and mindfulness as a way of grounding, from there we explore our own self-awareness and create our art.


This is about curious self-exploration with ease – creating, staying present, feeling and allowing.

Above all else session environments will be a safe, non-judgemental space to explore, and express. 

Grab a coffee, tea, whatever writing or art supplies are available, come and join others from around our globe.

There will be stretching poses and a small meditation before we begin exploring and creating!

If you have questions feel free to email!


(if you have art supplies by all means use them!!)

sketchbook or notebook or sheets of paper

pencil + eraser

pad of heavy weight paper  - 140 lbs

a few brushes 

any fun tools that you can use with paint - old gift cards, bbq skewers, sticks, sponges, etc

acrylic paints - minimum of blue, red, yellow, white and black  - if you have more colours, great!

water container

paper towel or rags

apron or old comfortable clothes

an open and adventurous mind

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