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About Renata


As a Facilitator and Expressive Arts Therapist in Training: I believe that art, sound, movement, words, and play offer great potential for healing and reconnection with self. I am currently a student of Expressive Arts Therapy, and have completed a certificate in Art and Trauma. I have turned to art through so many difficult life experiences - often without even realizing it. My role is to gently guide, work with, and empower individuals in their release of old programs and traumas. Often we do not have words. Without a doubt a space can be made by working with colour, or sounds, tiny movements, our breath, written words. There are many ways to heal our emotional wounds. 


As an Artist: I am a passionate creator who is learning to share what she creates. I am full of ideas and always working towards releasing judgements of my own creations. I continuously circle back to the beauty and authenticity of intuitive and abstract expressionist art – not focusing on what I see, but on how I feel – how feelings and energy can be interpreted in shape, texture, colour and line.


As a child our home was always filled with a certain kind of chaos, crayons, pencil crayons, paper, glitter. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a mother who was a natural creator, she had books of beautiful dress and sweater designs. I had many a handmade dress well into my teens, and my siblings and I were often seen wearing her latest knitted creations. Eventually this knitted love made its way to her grandchildren. From her I learnt the deep joy of creating and sharing, and that I should honour that need in myself.


I have a Graphic Design diploma from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. Upon my graduation I was very thrilled to take up work in some amazing boutique graphic design studios in Toronto, studios like Concrete Design, and Q30. This was an amazing time where I solidified my love of typography, colour, paper, space on a page, and all the elements and effects of visual communication. 


As time has passed I have found a real love and fascination with creative expression and the creative process. How we create, why we create, what we get out of the process, as well as what happens when we don't take the time to create. I believe these hands on things are crucial to maintaining a wholeness in most people. The creative process for me is a mix of inspiration, excitement, passion, panic, judgement and chaos – but also a form of peace, a way of connection, release, healing, and a the ability to stay present.


I currently work with a beautiful range of humans from 7-70  I provide private sessions,  group session and weekly workshops ranging from 6-8 weeks in length.  Currently over Zoom. I also create community programs, I have worked with groups through the Oakville Arts Studio, the Oakville Arts Society, the Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre, Sheridan College, ADAPT Halton, Family Options, ArtHouse and the Markham Arts Council. 

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