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Explore Expressive Arts Therapy 

Art for Expression & Healing  Exploring Creativity  Generating Inspiration


Sliding fee s

Would you like to use expressive arts to explore your thoughts, emotions and patterns?

Would you like a beautifully personal way to delve into the way you create?

Would you like inspiration and guidance in expanding your creative experience?

$65.00 + HST for 1.25hr

One on One sessions are a beautiful way to ease into the balance, insight, and joy the act of creating can provide. In the process of Expressive Arts Therapy/Facilitation we use visual art, sound, words, movement and play as a different to explore ourselves and to view our world! 

Expressive arts  is a gentle way to explore your relationship to your inner self and the outer world?

Would you like to use expressive arts to explore your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns?

In the process of Expressive Arts Therapy/Facilitation we use an intermodal approach - visual art, sound, voice, journaling, movement and play as a way to explore ourselves, and our existing, and possible perceptions. 

It is an honour for me to work with people one on one, to connect over our experiences and creations. I am an expressive arts therapist in training. I am currently in my second year of a 3 year program at the CREATE Institute. In conjunction with the CREATE Institute program I am currently working with groups and individuals in the capacity of art facilitation and therapist in training. For years I have worked with seniors groups, non-verbal clients, as well as groups of women in the role of guiding them to fully express themselves. 

You do not need to have any previous art experience 

Expressive arts therapy is an arts-based approach to self inquiry that engages and supports individuals through a process of creative expression helping them reconnect and trust their own inner resources. In an Expressive arts therapy session a client may explore their concerns with visual arts, creative writing, drama, music, voice and movement as catalysts for personal inquiry, discovery and growth.

If you have art supplies by all means use them!!

crayons and /or pencil crayons

any type of paints  and a few brushes 

any fun tools that you can use with paint - old gift cards, bbq skewers, sticks, sponges, etc

water container

paper towel or rags

apron or old comfortable clothes

an open and curious mind


Above all else this is a confidential and safe space. 

A reminder/confirmation and Zoom email invite will be sent to you in advance.

If you have questions feel free to email!

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