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 Jan 16th, Mondays, 4PM - 5:30pm


 An exploration of various art adventures for ages 8-15. 

Join anytime. 

email if interested in joining mid-session


Would you like to try different techniques and styles on in art?

Are you looking for a way to build confidence and decision making skills?

Would you like a class where your young person can create and explore with ease?

4 weeks for $200 (+HST) = $226

In this weekly class students ages 8-15, explore a variety of art. We will look at different ways to lead into your own art pieces, and weave self-inquiry into our own art. 

Guidance is provided in terms of overall theme, prompt, approach, challenge, or the introduction of a new medium, as students decide on the directions they wish to explore. We are rarely all working on the exact same piece, which allows the student to maintain interest and build a practice as they bring the images and ideas that inspire them.

Student do not need to have any previous art experience - just the desire to connect and create. We will use movement, breath, and mindfulness as a way of grounding, from there we create our art.

Guidance is always available while students work on their pieces.

4 weeks for $200 (+HST) = $226


(if you have art supplies by all means use them!!)

sketchbook or notebook or sheets of paper

pencil + eraser

pad of heavy weight paper  - 140 lbs


a few brushes 

any fun tools that you can use with paint - old gift cards, bbq skewers, sticks, sponges, etc

acrylic paints - minimum of blue, red, yellow, white and black  - if you have more colours, great!

water container

paper towel or rags

apron or old comfortable clothes

an open and adventurous mind


Above all else session environments will be a safe, non-judgemental space to explore, and express. 

We are here to build curious students, brave enough to explore and evolve. The process of the student has great value. The release of perfection and the desire to continue.

A reminder/confirmation and Zoom email invite will be sent to you on the day of  in advance.

If you have questions feel free to email!

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