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Online Private Classes  

$60 for 75 min class

Private classes are great gifts and a wonderful way for beginners to delve into the joy of creating, receive some gentle guidance, and learn techniques. For those who have been creating visually for some time it is a nice way to breakthrough creative blocks or set off on a new path - working with the instructor to select the next series.

Online Small Group Classes
(3+ students) $30/pp for 75min class

Small group classes are a great way for groups of friends, or similar age groups to learn. For ages 4-104!

Offered in packages of 4 classes for $120

Online Large Group Classes

(10+ students) $30/pp for 75min class

A great way to enjoy a family evening or have fun with friends. 

All classes are offered over Zoom a this time. Basic supplies listed below:

Drawing - pencils HB, 2B, eraser, sketchbook

Painting - acrylic paints (primary colours + black + white) 9x12 canvases, heavy paper 140 lb


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